Thursday, August 18, 2011

Slideshow and Thanks

Here is the last slideshow, finally. It is all pictures from group #2.

Also, I thought I would mention that if you click on a picture in the blog then it will load on another page and expand a lot. Some of the pictures look way better expanded. (Yes, Harry Potter library) I am going to start using a smaller setting on my camera just so I can upload more pictures directly on the blog, I don't think people want to watch a slideshow. I might even go back and put more pictures up on old blogs since I have another day in Lima.

I also wanted to say a quick thanks before the next stage of the journey.

Parents, family, friends: Thank you so much for your support, emails, encouragement, stories from home, etc.

Gabe, Alex, and Rustic in general: It was another amazing summer, and you have my back.

Rustic Students: Keep doing what you are doing and inspiring those around you. And thanks for the personal donations of clothes, contact solution, stuff sacks, rain gear, socks, hats, hand warmers, med supplies, pedialyte, etc. You saved me a lot of money.

Bianca: Thanks for several days at your house and fun times out on the town. You were a friend when I needed one.

Penny (and Lolo): I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the week stay at your house, all the paid for meals, and support around town. Frustration over the bike turned into a chance to explore a city, enjoy amazing food and wine, and the chance to know a great woman. Thank you.

And everyone else: 4000 views seems like a lot. I'm not sure how many people are actually following this, but thank you. I hope something you read here inspires you to serve others and dream much bigger than I can. If anyone has suggestions to improve anything drop me an email.

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