Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lima Airport How I Love Thee

August 8-9, 2011

Monday morning was back to the school. Since Peru still has no school this week, we painted and played games with the kids. Except, they didn’t want to play games, they wanted to learn English! They are on break and wanted to learn! Haha, I can’t wait to tell my students about that. So we spent hours teaching them to read and write the numbers 1-10, then some of the older students learned how to say several different phrases. It was pretty impressive. A Peruvian news crew was there as well taking footage and doing an extensive story on how Rustic is helping. They were amazed at how well the Rustic students interacted with the children, and even might do a story on the dorm later. Yes.

One Through Ten in Both Languages

Karol, she is a little fireball

After lunch we spent all afternoon cleaning the school after creating such a painting mess. The kids did a great job.

All in a few days

Monday night is something called Mystic Dinner. We began by having a ceremony around a fire where each person talks about a highlight, a challenge, and a wish. Most of the students expressed how they wished they could come back in 10 years and visit the kids, and that the kids would be able to continue their educations. I talked about how I was just happy to have been a part of the trip, and how challenging it was to not be a leader. I wished that Peru would have an impact on their worldview and hopefully some experience here would lead them to continue a life of service. The dinner was amazing. It takes place on a hillside surrounded by intricate Pre-Incan ruins with small tin can sized fires lit everywhere. It was so beautiful.

Singing Crew for Musical Chairs

Tuesday morning we headed back to the school to finish cleaning and said goodbye to the kids. Wow, they were so outgoing and fun. We did have a monster game of musical chairs which is always a good time. We then headed back to Lima for shopping and the good old airport. I have probably spent at least 50 hours there throughout the summer. The flight was delayed two hours, but what is new? Bianca was there, she is the co-founder of the dorm with Alex. Some of my students met her last year over Skype when Interact Club got to see the girls on my smartboard. We are having a meeting tomorrow to talk about the future of the dorm and the rest of the year.

So, tomorrow I am going back to the shipping agent to see what is up. Let’s see if I will ever drive my motorcycle south of the equator…

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