Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Day of School

December 14-16, 2011

Wednesday I started gearing up for goodbyes in case I decided to come home. It was market day, and I always help Maria with the shopping. I will miss those days. I finally got a picture with Andrea, famously known as the “arroz con huevos” lady.

More importantly Elena and I visited Nohemi’s and Maria Elena’s schools in Urubamba. Wow. Nohemi’s school was really nice, and the principal talked to us for a while. He also said that if we wanted to transfer a few girls there we could! There are a couple computer labs there with smart boards!! They were donated by the ritzy 5 star hotel in town. We walked around and we also talked to the physics teacher. The teachers there seem to care a lot and do a much better job of teaching. At Maria Elena’s school is was more of the same. We talked to the chemistry teacher and the room almost looked like a real lab.

Arroz con huevos, this is my breakfast 80% of the time

Maria at the market

Last market day

Maria Elena's school

Thursday I drove down to pick Ana up from work, and while I was turning around, my front brake went all the way to the handlebar. Not good. It turns out because of all the extra weight with my huge gas tank the brake line has been rubbing on the front tire for thousands of miles. It burned through.

This would change a lot of things. The plan was to go to Lima for Christmas and Ecuador for New Years, then decide what to do from there. Now that was all up in the air. I went to Urubamba to get a temporary fix so I could nurse it to Cusco and try to get it fixed. More on that later.

Getting a brake line fix... Double Rainbow All the Way Across the Sky!!

Friday was our big day. We had a celebration for the girls, a huge meal, and most importantly we moved into our new place!! I rented a large truck and we spent the morning taking everything out of the dorm. All the parents were there helping and it went smoothly. But, after the first load the truck driver disappeared. He called and said because of construction he couldn’t come down the road. But when the road opened 20 minutes later, he still wasn’t there. I went to the store where I rented it and asked them to call him. Then, while walking back I saw him, on our road, helping a few guys move. What? Yeah, he just decided to do another job in the middle of our big move. Perued again.

After that it was an amazing dinner, and we handed out diplomas to the girls. Then it was goodbye. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, mostly because emotion is shown a little differently down here, and there was a chance I wasn’t leaving anyway.

Bianca having fun on moving day

Truckload number two

End of the year dinner

Anita getting her diploma

Goodbye Sylvia

Whatever Ana

The new dorm, needs a little work...

Another view of the new dorm

The Sacred Valley Project Crew very tired after a LONG day of moving

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